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One this page we gathered some photographic equipment you might want to purchase before your photography tour(s) in Asia. These are Amazon affiliates links so if you found this page useful please do use them:) Thank you (this affiliate store works only if you have an Amazon account in the United States).



A very affordable and quality lens for shooting portraits especially in low light conditions.

An excellent lens with a good quality/price point for portrait and shooting in low light conditions

The 16-35 mm 2.8 II is an excellent lens to take pictures of interiors and a recommended lens to capture the temples of Angkor. A new version (III) was released in 2016, so this version II has been discounted by Canon recently.

The 17-40 mm f:4 is an affordable wide lens for your full frame camera, an ideal companion during your photography tours in the temples of Angkor.


This graduated ND filter (3 stops) will be useful in landscape shots especially with a dramatic or bright sky. Using this filter will save you some time in picture processing. The same could be achieved without filter but required bracketing or advanced RAW processing.



This powerful (1000 lumens, beam distance of 200 meters) and compact LED torch will allow to do light painting during the night and also during the day.


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