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Myself and a friend booked Laurent for the entire day for our visit to Angkor Wat and it turned out to be a fantastic experience that really gave me a large amount of insights, helped me getting to know my camera and lenses better, made me think in a new way about compositions and explains everything in a very effective and calm way.

Besides that he is a great guy that shows sincere interest and really wants to help you to become a better photographer.

So highly recommend him for a fantastic (Angkor Wat) photography experience that will bring you to the next level!


My girlfriend and I spent a morning with Laurent learning about photography and visiting villages and pagodas. Laurent is a very good teacher and has a masterful grasp of photography techniques. We left feeling like we had seen a new side of siem reap and with heads full of knowledge.

I decided to do a private photo editing class with Laurent two days later, focusing on lightroom and photoshop. Laurent talked me through his workflow, including how to correct exposure, colour temperature, distracting details, cropping and a range of other elements. Laurent is a strong communicator and has an encyclopedic knowledge of photo editing. I strongly reccomend this class for aspiring photographers.

– Asher and Ella, AUSTRALIA

I booked a three day photo shoot with Laurent. Three unforgettable days.
First you have the phenomenon Cambodia and Siem Reap. Accompanied by a professional photographer as Laurent is the ultimate.
First day get up early to catch the biggest tour. Ankor Wat sunrise to sunset.
So much to see. The best places to take beautiful photos. Laurent knows like no other to avoid the busy tour paths.
Day two Tonle Sap. Along with the visit to the Bridge School for Life, once again an unforgettable day.
For every photographer from beginners to talented he is able to bring that extra touch.
Everyone learns and you’re sure to go home with beautiful images. The half-day photo editing in photoshop lightroom and is certainly super interesting. We have not only visited the must see temples but also have several lesser known temples seen with less tourists.
Laurent knows like no other to choose from all the special places. This is definitely “the best photography experience” that will stay with me for years. I met a lot of people on this tour and gained a wealth of experience.
Thank you Laurent for this incredible experience, we keep in touch.
Good luck and take care!

– Patrick, BELGIUM

We spent the day with Laurent as our first day in Siem Reap. It turned out to be an amazing day and an experience that won’t be quickly forgotten.

My partner had arranged this as a surprise for my birthday and Laurent started the day by offering me a gift of one of his photos which was printed on canvas. We’ve since had it framed and it will be hung at home as a very fond memory.

Laurent took us to a myriad of great places around Angkor wat and ta phrom to take some amazing photos. He was extremely patient and explained way more about the art of good photography than I’d ever picked up before!
It was fabulous being with someone who clearly enjoyed their work and it rubbed off very effectively.

We also opted for a 2 hour photo workshop after the tour and Laurent showed us how to present photos in their best possible manner. This was time very well spent.

Overall, I would highly recommend this tour and Laurent’s services. We’ll certainly look to repeat this exercise at some stage in the future with his other locations!!!

– Peter and Gabrielle, AUSTRALIA

We enrolled for three different tours with Laurent who took us to some of the more popular sights and also to a couple of the less visited temples. Despite being skilled photographers, he was able to take our photography to another level by teaching us to see the picture in what was before us. He is a master at what he does. Thanks Laurent for introducing me to time lapse photography. I bought a Gopro in Hong Kong and now enjoy spending time photographing short videos. We highly recommend Laurent to anybody who is interested in photography, from low light, time lapse, travel, long exposure, whatever your level of photography and equipment, you will come away a better photographer with a bunch of amazing images.

– Ashley and Karen, AUSTRALIA

Ich hatte nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht, möglichst viel von Angkor Wat in einem Tag zu sehen und das ohne ein Vermögen dafür auszugeben und ohne am Massentourismus teilzuhaben. Der Tagesausflug mit Laurent hat all diese Wünsche erfüllt: alles war super organisiert, wir waren zu viert entgegen den Touristenströmen unterwegs und ich habe wundervolle Bilder mit nach Hause gebracht- und das obwohl ich zuvor noch nie mit einer digitalen Spiegelreflexkamera gearbeitet hatte! Nur zu empfehlen!

– Nathalie, GERMANY

karena kepiawaianya berfoto dan servisnya yang baik, kami pun mengambil kelas Go-Pro dihari berikutnya. Kami praktek langsung syuting video dan berfoto di Tonle Sap Lake. kami belajar cara bikin timelapse foto, shooting & editing video dokumentasi pemandangan yang keren, dan ngambil photo & video selfie dengan GoPro yang hasilnya luarbiasa menakjubkan! Recommended banged! Kalau ke Siem Reap, Jangan lewatkan kesempatan belajar fotografi / Gopro sama Laurent ya.

– Winny and Budiman, INDONESIA

I bought the gopro 3 plus to film music videos and bicycling around Siem Reap. I unboxed the unit and had no idea how to assemble it or get started. Luckily local photographer Laurent Dambies was available for tutorial and instruction. Since I live here we went for the tour and just met in a cafe. Laurent was well prepared with a video and slideshow describing the history and logistics of the unit. This was given to me for future reference as well as studio software for editing. Now that I am up and running everything seems easy but I don’t think I could have gotten out of the gate without this class. I am looking forward to shooting and editing high def, slow motion, and time lapse videos documenting my music and life here in Cambodia.Thanks again Laurent !

– Tim, USA

I should have taken a full day tour with Laurent. There is so much more to learn and explore. I’d been to Siem Reap in December 2014 and took a lot of pictures of Angkor but the experiences were totally different with Laurent presence as a guide.
Those are into travel and photography and wish to travel to Cambodia with your go pro or dslr and mirrorless and need a professional photographer guide on taking a good shot, Laurent will be the best to refer to. You will learn a lot from him. I promise. Thank you Laurent for spending your time showing me the do’s and don’ts. I am now loving my Fuji XE1 more than before. Thank you again.


I booked an all day tour for Angkor Wat, and I was blown away by the experience. Here are five reasons why this photo tour rocked:

1) Laurent is a skilled photographer who can also teach photography – a skill that not every photographer has.

2) He knows the Siem Reap area like the back of his hand, and he will show you the absolute best spots to take breath taking photos.

3) He takes the time to understand what your skill level is and focuses his teaching to take you to the next level, but not overwhelm you.

4) He’s a fun and interesting person who has travelled and appreciates culture, food, and unique experiences.

5) His fees are super affordable – no excuses not to spend the money to bring home great photos and a skillset.

Bottom line, this was an amazing experience that I will treasure forever.

– Gabriela, USA

We booked the full-day Angkor Complete tour with Laurent Dambies and walked away with fantastic photographs that we never would have had otherwise. Due to scheduling issues, we took this tour on our first day in Siem Reap. While this wasn’t my preference, it ended up being fortuitous for several reasons.

First, we visited many sites, including a few temples we probably would not have visited on our own. This gave us a broad overview of the area and helped us better plan our itinerary for the remaining 5 days of our stay.

More importantly, as beginners, we learned so much from Laurent that one day, which we were then able to apply afterward while we were on our own, resulting in much better photographs from this trip overall.

Laurent was easy-going, patient and good-natured. (Did I mention he was patient?). What a great way to start our visit to Angkor. Our trip would not have been as good if we had not taken this tour.

– Peter and JB, USA

Laurent Dambies delivers in every way possible for a photo tour of Angkor Wat. He knows where to be and when to be there. He easily communicates professional knowledge of exposure and composition. And he is just fun to hang out with.

I only had one full day at Angkor Wat and wanted to make sure I had the best photographic opportunities possible. I am a serious amateur photographer and searched for a photo tour in Angkor on the web. I wanted to know where to go and when for the best shots. When I reviewed Laurent’s website,, I was certain I would not only know where to go and when, but that I would have guidance for how to take the picture as well. Laurent delivered in every way possible. I did his full day tour of Angkor Wat and adjacent temples. I learned more about exposure, composition, and the functions of my camera than ever before in a single day. I think Laurent is a valuable guide for a photographer with any level of experience. Beginners would benefit from an understanding of manual ISO, aperture, shutter speed settings, and their affect on the image, as well as the basics of composition, so as to get the most from the experience (but do the tour anyway even if you don’t have time to study these things!). Serious amateurs who already have expertise in these areas will certainly expand their knowledge and ability and come away with amazing shots. Even professional photographers would benefit from Laurent’s knowledge of location, lighting and timing. Photographers typically look for morning and afternoon light, but we found great shots throughout the day. We visited Angkor Wat at sunrise and beyond, had a nice breakfast, visited Angkor Tom and Ta Prohm, had a nice lunch, visited Preah Khan, Bayon and back to Angkor Wat for sunset shots in hallways. Be prepared to be tired and exhilarated at the end of the day.

Laurent and I did a quick bike ride to a local pagoda and market the next morning, and then spent a few hours with post processing. I am certain that the post processing displayed in the attached images does not yet do justice to what I learned.

Please note that every review for this experience is 5 stars. I highly recommend working with Laurent. I don’t typically take tours when travelling, but this is probably the best tour experience I have ever had.

– Gary, USA


Here’s what others are saying:

Nous avons eu la chance de passer une journée entière avec Laurent dans les merveilleux temples des alentours de Siem Reap
Non seulement Laurent nous distille des avis de pro et sais parfaitement s’adapter au niveau de ces clients mais en plus on a l’enorme privilège de visiter des temples beaucoup plus preserver de la foule
Nous avons été tellement contents de notre journée que nous en avons reservé une autre sur le Lac Tonle Sap
Franchement je recommande vivement les prestations de Laurent pour son professionnalisme, attention, écoute et service.
Qui plus est en tant que passionné de la foto vous allez découvrir ces merveilleux temples sous un angle tout à fait différent et faire des rencontres surprenantes

– Stéfanie et Eduardo, FRANCE

Je voudrais partager mon enthousiasme de mon tour photo sur Angkor avec Laurent.
Un vrai pro qui sait partager sa passion de la photo et vous faire progresser.Les temples n’ont plus de secret pour lui, il sera aussi vous faire découvrir des endroits peu frequentés.
Vous avez compris je vous recommande vivement Angkor Photography tours

– Olivier, FRANCE

Je recommande fortement! J’ai beaucoup appris de cette journée et de plus visité les temples d’une manière très agréable. En présence de Laurent, j’ai pue découvrir les temples loin du brouilla touristique et ramener des photos vraiment magnifiques. Encore merci…

– Fabien, FRANCE

Ces trois jours passés à Angkor Wat ont été on ne peut plus parfaits grâce à Laurent Dambies. Il a su anticiper nos envies et évaluer nos connaissances en photographie dès les présentations, nous permettant de progresser très rapidement. Sa passion pour la photo et les lieux est tellement communicative que se lever à 5 heures du matin pour le lever du soleil était un plaisir. Laurent connait le parc dans ses moindres recoins et nous a guidés en VTT hors des sentiers-battus. Nous étions toujours au bon endroit au bon moment. Nous avons passés des moments inoubliables en compagnie de Laurent qui est un guide et un photographe profondément humain et professionnel.

– Cécile, FRANCE


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